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How providers can protect themselves against health care fraud allegations

As we touched on in our previous post, it's imperative for medical providers to take the necessary steps to ensure that they remain compliant with all applicable state and federal health laws. While this naturally includes things like the Stark Law and HIPAA, it also includes both the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

How medical establishments can benefit from the services of outside general counsel

There is perhaps no more exciting time for the founders of a clinic, specialist's office or other medical establishment than the day they officially open the doors for business. That's because they are not only ready to start providing highly-desired services to patients, but also because it serves as validation of the months -- or even years -- of hard work they invested in getting the operation off the ground.

Florida House passes series of bills designed to cut health care costs

Thanks to the seemingly endless national news coverage, a person could be forgiven for thinking that the only real dialogue on health care is currently taking place at the executive level, where the presidential debates inevitably focus on the Affordable Care Act.

How simple mistakes can be viewed as willful actions

As the calendar turns from February to March, you may not be feeling the pressure of the looming federal income tax deadline now, but procrastination only breeds fear and desperation. And this could lead to questionable choices as the deadline comes.