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Medicare introduces major overhaul of clinician compensation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services made headlines last Friday with the official unveiling of a comprehensive new regulation that will introduce major changes in the way in which clinicians -- physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and therapists -- are compensated under the Medicare program.

Major changes ahead for Florida's trauma centers

If asked where a person who suffers critical or life-threatening injuries would be taken by paramedics, most people would automatically identify the emergency room. While this is technically correct, the reality is that they would likely be taken to a trauma center, which is typically located within the emergency room.

New study gives low marks to Florida's healthcare system

Back in July, our blog discussed how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a controversial set of quality ratings for U.S. hospitals, awarding one to five stars based on 64 measures of quality. Overall, the state of Florida's performance in the ratings was largely mediocre, with five stars being awarded to only two hospitals.

There's an app for that . . . but should doctors use it?

As we've discussed in previous posts, the U.S. healthcare system is currently undergoing something of a seismic shift regarding physician compensation. Specifically, the model of paying physicians per appointment, per test ordered, etc. is slowly being replaced with one in which physicians are being compensated for keeping their patients healthy.

Which home health care providers need to be licensed by the AHCA?

While we tend to think of health care as being provided solely in places like hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices, the reality is that it is frequently provided in the comfort of people's own home. By way of example, consider the burgeoning field of telemedicine, which enables people to see a physician or nurse practitioner via the internet, and, of course, home health care providers.

Are changes finally coming to the Stark Law?

Earlier this week, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing to discuss the Stark Law, an endeavor that saw medical professionals, health law attorneys and business executives from across the U.S. voice similar concerns that the law has become needlessly complex and wholly unnecessary.

Why medical professionals must be careful with online reviews

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the unprecedented growth of wireless internet access over the last decade, most of us now have instant access to our social media accounts and a treasure trove of information on virtually any topic.

Guiding home health agencies through the maze of regulatory compliance

While there's no disputing hospitals, clinics and standalone medical offices must manage a myriad of regulatory issues under both state and federal law, it's important to understand that they are not the only care-providing facilities with these concerns.

New law provides patients with protection against surprise medical bills

Hospitals across the state of Florida will see a fundamental shift in the way they do business after Governor Rick Scott signed a new law into effect last week that was hailed by the state's financial officer as "an incredibly consumer-friendly piece of legislation."